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  • AWS Accredited for 20 hours toward the CWI 9-year renewal, CWB Renewal and for Professional Engineers
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Overview of the Magnetic Particle Testing Class

The Atlas 20-hour online magnetic particle testing training course will satisfy the classroom requirement in the multi-stage certification process. Our online ASNT magnetic particle testing classes meet the requirements for “Body of Knowledge” and “General Test” recommendations as outlined in SNT-TC-1A. A training certificate will be issued upon satisfactory completion of all training material and exams. NDT classroom training online by Atlas is very convenient and economical.

Magnetic particle inspection is used for the detection of surface and near-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials and is primarily used for crack detection. MT is one of the most commonly used methods of nondestructive testing (NDT). The specimen is magnetized either locally or overall, and if the material is sound the magnetic flux is predominantly inside the material. If, however, there is a surface-breaking flaw, the magnetic field is distorted, causing local magnetic flux leakage around the flaw. This leakage flux is displayed by covering the surface with very fine iron particles applied either dry or suspended in a liquid. The particles accumulate at the regions of flux leakage, producing a build-up which can be seen visually even when the crack opening is very narrow. Thus, a crack is indicated as a line of iron powder particles on the surface.

The method of magnetization must produce a magnetic field with lines of force at a substantial angle to the expected direction of the cracks that the technician is attempting to detect. It is standard to apply the magnetization more than once in different directions. An example of this would be to use the magnetism in two directions mutually at right-angles to each other. There are other methods of swinging the field direction during magnetization also available.

Magnetic Particle Testing - Levels I/II Course Curriculum

  1. NDT Method Descriptions
  2. Surface Testing Methods
  3. The Science of Magnetism
  4. Types and the Sources of Most Defects
  5. Testing Materials & the NDT Methods
  6. Glossary of Terms
  7. Material and Processes
  8. Corrosion Types
  9. Specifications and Procedures (MPI Level I/II)

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NDT: Magnetic Particle Testing Lev. I/II – $499


  • 20 Hours of Online Class Lessons
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • ASNT Accredited for 20 MT Training Hours
  • Counts as 20 Professional Development Hours for AWS CWI 9 Year Renewal
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