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Over 95% of our online training students pass the API 570 Pressure Piping Inspection Exam. Our online training material is designed to maximize your exam prep efficiency and help you pass the test on the first try.

Overview of the API 570 Course Material

This is a 60 hour online exam preparation course. The course is presented in a power point presentation with voice over from the instructor. He will guide you through, so that you will learn the material needed to pass the exam. You can start and stop the class as needed. The program will be bookmarked and you can pick up right where you left off. This format allows you to proceed at your own pace. You will not be rushed through the class. You can slow down when needed or speed up. It is up to the individual. You can repeat the course three times or just repeat the lessons that you need to repeat. This provides the easiest and most effective way to study for the exam. If you have any questions, just email it to the instructor and he will answer. There are over 900 quiz questions all throughout the lessons. These questions are structured the same way that you will see them presented on the certification exam. The questions are graded, so that you know how you are progressing. You can study anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. There are downloadable practice exams to help in preparation. This course provides 60 PDH’s for the CWI renewal, CWB Renewal and for Professional Engineers. To receive a certificate, you must have 60 hours of class time.

API 570 Body of Knowledge, Effectivity Sheet, and Schedule can all be found here.

Please click below for Qualifications Required for the API 570 and to see the Course Curriculum.

Are you qualified to take the API 570 exam?

As outlined in the Annex A of the Standard, the qualification requirements for API 570 Piping inspector certification are based on the combination of education and experience related to in-service metallic piping systems. This experience must have been acquired within the last 10 years while employed by, or under contract with, an authorized inspection agency as defined in API 570.

Prior to submitting an application, please use the table below to determine if you qualify to take the API 570 exam:

Education Minimum Experience Description of Experience Required
BS or higher in engineering or technology 1 year Supervision or performance of inspection activities as described in API 570.
2-year degree or certificate in engineering or technology 2 years Design, construction, repair, operation, or inspection of in-service piping systems, of which one year must be in supervision or performance of inspection activities as described in API 570.
High school diploma or equivalent 3 years Design, construction, repair, operation, or inspection of in-service piping systems, of which one year must be in supervision or performance of inspection activities as described in API 570
API 570 Pressure Piping Inspection - Online Traing Curriculum

19 lessons and quizzes plus over 1400 questions built into an interactive question bank on a book of exhibits and on the 2017 Book of Specifications.

  1. Code Scopes
  2. New Piping Calculations
  3. Existing Piping Calculations
  4. Piping Pressure Test
  5. Brittle Fracture
  6. Preheat and Postweld Heat Treatment
  7. Thermal Expansion and Contraction
  8. ASME B16.5
  9. Material Verification Program
  10. Repairs, Alterations, and Rerating of Piping
  11. Section IX 570
  12. WPS’s and PGR’s
  13. Writing a Welding Procedure Specification
  14. Section V
  15. RP-571 Damage Mechanisms
  16. API 574 Inspection
  17. RP-577 Welding Inspection and Metallurgy
  18. Overview of the 570 – 38 lessons and quizzes
  19. Overview of the 574 – 33 lessons and quizzes

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Notice and Disclaimer for API training students:

This does not register you for the examination. You will have to register separately at API’s website. If you have not already registered for the exam, you need to download an application from the API website listed here.

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Our goal at Atlas is to provide you the necessary tools to pass the certification exam the very first time you try. Many of our students have considered themselves more hands-on when it comes to training courses. After taking our online training courses, these students have discovered that not only is online training a more economical way to prepare for a certification exam, but that online training is just a better way to learn the material. With the online training course, the student can start and stop whenever he/she may want. Students may also progress at their own pace, repeat material when needed, and use the interactive quizzes to train. This is by far the easiest way to study. The Atlas 48 hour money back guarantee means that you can check out the course with zero risks. If you are not happy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money with no questions asked.