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Welcome to Atlas Training

API, AWS CWI & NDT online exam prep training courses for the 21st Century

Atlas is the Original Industrial Online Training Company always ahead of the curve

Whether in the API, CWI or NDT disciplines, Atlas Training Guarantees that you will pass the written exam.

With Several Dozen Atlas Training Testimonials you know we're doing a lot of things right!

The proof is in the pudding, read what our students have to say after they’ve taken the coure and passed their exam.

Remember, when the job market in the oil, petrochemical, chemical and power industries starts to dry up, we all become very aware of how important certain certifications and advanced education qualifications can be.

When it comes down to several candidates and only a very few positions, these certs and qualifications become extremely important in determining if a candidate will be chosen to fill an available position. Investing in a certification or continuing education is an investment in your future.

You can greatly improve your marketable knowledge and make your resume look better to employers at the same time. This will be the difference in working or not during the lean times.

Online API Courses

API 510, API 570, API 571, API 577, API 580, API 653, API 1169, TES, Quality Control & API Practice Packages

Online CWI Courses

Full CWI, full CWI in Spaninsh/English, CWI Part A, B & C, CWI 9 year renewal, AWS D17.1 and more

Online NDT Courses

Atlas provices NDT certifications in the following disciplines: MT, VT, PT, RT, UT, UTT, ETT & RTFI

 API/CWI Practice Packages

Include: Six Month Access, Practice questions, Practice quizzes with instant feedback & Audio flashcards

Atlas Testimonials

The unique nature our course presentation and approximately 100 testimonials support our 90% pass rate

Why Atlas Training?

Since 2014 Atlas Training has provided quality, value, and online convenience to our students as is indicated by our numerous testimonials

Getting Started with our API Online Courses

Notice and Disclaimer for API training students:

This does not register you for the examination. You will have to register separately at API's website. If you have not already registered for the exam, you need to download an application from the API website listed here.

Getting Started with our CWI Online Courses

Please Note the Following:

Our goal at Atlas is to provide you the necessary tools to pass the AWS CWI certification exam the very first time you try. Many of our students have considered themselves more hands-on when it comes to training courses. 

Getting Started with our NDT Online Courses

NDT training online with Atlas offers the most affordable way to take the classroom portion for the NDT disciplines that we provide. These classes can be taken anywhere and at any time. There is no need to miss work to acquire the classroom training hours and testing. 

The Atlas Training Difference

In 2014, after 65 years of combined engineering experience in the petro-chemical and power industries, Hannon McLeod and Oran Lewis recognized how important providing a more convenient way to train and acquire industry certifications and advanced education qualifications in these industries.  

It’s the requirement of the student make arrangement to take both the API and the CWI certificaiton exams.

Atlas API online training courses now available

API 510 - $999

Pressure vessel Ispection

Learn More

API 580 - $799

Risk Based Inspection

Learn More

Quality Control – $599

Intro to Quality Control - Welding

Coming Soon

API 570 - $999

Pressure Piping Inspection

Learn More

API 653 - $999

Tank Repair & Inspection

Learn More

API Online Practice Packages $399

API 510,580,653, 1169, & 1104 code ($249)

more info

API 571 - $799

Corrosion and Materials

Learn More

API 1169 - $599

Pipeline Construction Inspector

Learn More

API 19C  $29,000

Proppant processes hydro fracking

Learn More

API 577 - $499

Welding Processes, Inspection, Metallurgy

Learn More

TES -Tank Entry Supervisor  - $499

more info


Atlas AWS CWI online training courses now available

Full CWI - $799

Parts A, B & C - API 1104 or D1.1

Learn More

CWI Part C - $399

Code AWS D1.1

Learn More

Full CWI Spanish - $799

CWI Online Training Course in Spanish

Learn More

CWI Part A - $399


Learn More

CWI 9 year renewal - $699

80 professional development hours

Learn More

CWI Part A - Spanish $399

CWI Part B - Spanish $399

CWI Part C - Spanish $399

CWI Part B $399


Learn More

CWI Practice Packages - $549

Online practice material for CWI exam

Learn More

AWS D17.1 $249

Aerospace welding requirements

Learn More

Atlas NDT online training courses now available

MT – Magnetic Particle Testing


Learn More

UT – Ultrasonic Testing


Learn More

PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing


Learn More

UTT – Ultrasonic Thickness Testing 


Learn More

VT – Visual Inspecction Testing


Learn More

ETT – Electromagnetic Inspection Testing


Learn More

RT – Radiographic Testing


Learn More

RTFI – Radiographic Testing Film Interpertation


Learn More