Full AWS CWI Online Traing Course in Spanish / English

This course contains Spanish language instruction. 

You can select the English only version Here.

This course is designed for students whose first language is Spanish, taking the CWI exam in the USA. The Exam is only offered in English, using inches, in the United States. This online course is designed to provide Spanish/English speaking students with the easiest way to learn the AWS CWI exam study material needed to pass the exam. Our online learning platform allows you to study from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can start and stop at will and repeat the material as often as you like.

The lessons are set up as PowerPoint presentations with a Spanish voice-over from the instructor. The lesson quizzes are loaded with AWS CWI questions and answers that will help prepare you for the exam while building your confidence. The quiz questions are in English and Spanish. Some questions and answers are read and recorded on audio flashcards. The audio flashcards are in English. These audio flashcards can be played while driving, working, or just relaxing. This is exclusive to Atlas and is not offered by other AWS CWI schools.

It takes many hours to prepare for the exam properly. Our online course will not waste your time learning material that will not be covered on the exam. Our CWI courses include practice packages covering all the critical AWS CWI exam study materials. The courses cover only the vital information. There is a lot of stuff to learn in a 5 or 10-day AWS CWI seminar given by some AWS CWI schools.

The AWS CWI exam pass rate is from 25 to 30 percent for the first attempt, and this is due to a lack of adequate preparation. Proper preparation for this exam requires a great deal of dedication and time. There is a lot of material available to study in preparation for the exam. Our 60-hour full CWI course provides a student a proper course structure and will not cover unimportant material to unnecessarily lengthen the course. Our goal is to increase the AWS CWI exam pass rate of our students to 100%. For those that do not pass the first time, the course will be available again for free.

With this course, you can prepare for the Parts A, B, and C of the CWI exam on your own time. There is no need to miss work and spend a lot of money traveling for conventional classroom training. Below is a breakdown of the course curriculum that is covered.

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AWS CWI Weld Replicas for the Full CWI Online Training Course

Atlas now offers a 5 piece replica set and 10 piece inspection toolkit to supplement our AWS CWI online training courses.

The replica set and toolkit provide extra hands-on training for the CWI Part B exam. The questions that apply to the replicas are found in our CWI or Part B study materials (Full CWI Course, CWI Part B Course, Full CWI Practice Package, CWI Part B Practice Package).

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The replica set (with or without tools) can be ordered as a stand-alone product to supplement any CWI Part B exam prep course.

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This is by far the easiest way to study. The Atlas 48 hour money back guarantee means that you can check out the course with zero risks. If you are not happy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money with no questions asked.

    Why Atlas CWI Training?

    • 48 hour money back guarantee eliminates your risk
    • Six month course access provides extended preparation time –
    • Audio Flashcards let you train while driving or relaxing
    • Quiz question banks provide exam type questions
    • Timed/simulated exams prepare you for the real thing
    • Professionally developed courses are created and reviewed by field experts
    • Instructor support is available when you need help
    • Online convenience lets you set your own schedule and study at your own pace
    • Pass on your first try or take the course again for free


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    Included In The Course:

    • 60 hours of online prep
    • Over 1600 Practice questions
    • Timed practice exams
    • Practice quizzes with instant feedback
    • Audio flashcards (API 1104 only)