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Since 2014 Atlas API Training LLC has helped hundreds of dedicated professionals acquire advanced industry certifications across the API, CWI & NDT disciplines.

With dozens of user friendly online exam prep courses that are regularly updated to the most current industry specifications; Atlas continues to provide the most innovative, robust & efficient training solution for advanced API, CWI & NDT certifications available anywhere.

When your organization purchases multiple courses from Atlas you qualify for a 20% volume discount. Set up is simple, and it is extremely to easily manage and monitor your team progress and success through our easy-to-use admin log in. In such a highly competitive employee market, offer continued training and education as an incentive perk. Our high caliber online training means more efficiency, safety, and quality for your employee and organization

If this is your first introduction to Atlas, please see our customer testimonials and course demos. They speak for themselves.

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“I took the CWI 1104 last month for the first time and passed. The test is very challenging … Your course provided a longer study time, allowed me to work around my work schedule, and gave me a great foundation to attack this test. I recommend Atlas to anyone who wants to increase their chances of passing on the first attempt. Learning the material the way Atlas lays it out is an obvious advantage.”

Jerry Lance – Mason, Michigan

Current Atlas Online CWI, API & NDT Training Courses Available

As of May 11, 2022

CWI Online Training Courses

  • Full CWI *
  • CWI Part A – Fundementals*
  • CWI Part B – Practical *
  • CWI Part C – Code (API 1104)*
  • CWI Part C – Code (API D1.1)
  • CWI 9 Year Renewal *
  • Full CWI in English and Spanish*
  • CWI: Part A in English and Spanish
  • CWI: Part B in English and Spanish
  • CWI Part C in English and Spanish (API 1104

Practice Packages

  • Full CWI
  • CWI: Part A
  • CWI: Part B
  • CWI: Part C (1104)
  • CWI 9 Year Renewal
  • Full CWI in Enlish and Spanish

* = these courses include practice packages

NDT Online Training Courses

  • MT Certification Course: Levels I/II Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT Certification Course: Levels I/II Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • VT Certification Course: Levels I/II Visual Inspection Testing
  • RT Certification Course: Levels I/II Radiographic Testing
  • UT Certification Course: Levels I/II Ultrasonic Testing
  • UTT Certification Course: Level II Ultrasonic Testing Thickness
  • ETT Electromagnetic Inspection Testing
  • RTFI – Radiographic Testing Film Interpertation.

API Online Training Courses

  • 510 *
  • 570 *
  • 571
  • 577
  • 580 *
  • 653 *
  • 1169 *
  • Tank Entry Supervisor (TES)
  • Quality Control

* = these courses include practice packages

Practice Packages

  • API 510
  • API 570
  • API 580
  • API 653
  • API 1169